2021-22 Donors

Thank You!

Thank you to all of those who donated to the Foundation in 2021 and 2022.  We could not accomplish our mission without your support! 


Betsy Norman & Daniel Mattox
Amanda & Robert May
Laura Benedict
Melissa Crawford-Smith
Jeanette Stokes & Dwight Honeycutt
Catherine Alexander Wilson
Drew & Paul Nagy
Sarah & Clay Musser
Yvonne & Maurice Werness
Annie & Jarrod Ambrose
Elizabeth & Brian Healey
Peggy Kinney & Andrew Stewart
Rhonda & Michael Kosusko
Bonny Moellenbrock & Michael Lowry
Laura & Barak Richman
Cynthia & John Hughey
Jessie & Matt Browning
Waugh Wright & Family
Anne Stoddard & Ronald Gallagher
Richard Brennan
Sara & Duncan Beale
Qi Chen & Aron Kimmerly
Erika & Sam Buell
Jennifer Greer & David Heller
Pattie & Jack Le Sueur
Deborah & James Jenson
Genevieve & Timothy McNulty
Cavett & Barker French
Claire & Allen Wilcox
Leslie Winner & Gerald Postema
Edith Cecila Barja & Brian Reale
Susan & Bobby Caddell
Sarah Hodder & Peter Allen
Larry Tseng
Debbie & James Dobbins
Bob & Ellie DeVries
Gil Wheless
Julia Borbely-Brown
Buster & Caroline Black
Shelley & Tom Dekker

Lindsey Wu & Tom Clarke
Katherine Skinner
Sue & Kevin Concannon
Lisa & Carl Rist
Hank Majestic
Lee Ann & Larry Tilley
Jacqueline & Richard Morgan
Laura Weisberg & David Wong
Ingrid Daubechies & Robert Calderbank
Elizabeth Peel & David Solow
Gina & Carson Russell
Olga & Jonathan Hawn
Mollie & Adam Flowe
Linda & Alberto Grignolo
Barb & Bob Appleby
Keith Wenger & John Bloedorn
Kenneth Luker & Karin Ganter
Marvin Pipkin
Beth & Gary Berman
Barbara & Peter Fish
Jennifer McGovern & Steven Unruhe
Maria & James Bowie
Leigh & Clay Bordley
Holly & Marc Phillips
Diane & Dale Pahl
Heather Graham & Christopher Gergen
Katy & Walt Barron
Karalyn & Joe Colopy
Hettie Johnson
Martha Barnett & Carl Berg
Laura & Nick Kirby
Laura & Bob Gutman
Cathleen Melton & Larry Greenblatt
Carol Anderson
Chris & Dan Jewell
Andrew Stewart
Philip Azar
Rachel Brewster & James Mulholland
Kristin & Chris Heery

If you would like to continue to support the neighborhood, please click on the Donate here! button on our home page!  Thank you!

A tax deductible contribution to The Trinity Park Foundation, Inc. can be sent to:

The Trinity Park Foundation
PO Box 725
Durham, NC 27702

Your donations are helping support projects like these:

•Replace decaying wood in benches at the Park with weather-resistant native ash ($1,200)
•Prune trees in the Park ($1,650)
•Purchase and install identification labels for public art in medians ($1,500)
•Mulch and maintain the garden beds in the Park ($1,500)
•Aerate and re-seed the picnic lawn in the Park ($450)
•Repair the granite steps & add a handrail at the Trinity Avenue entrance to the Park ($9,000)
•Weed and mulch the traffic circles and medians throughout the neighborhood ($1,500)
•Offer matching funds to neighbors planting shade trees adjacent to the street ($1,500)

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and our Federal Tax Identification Number is 58-1402073.  

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