Where does The Foundation’s funding come from?

The Foundation has two primary sources of funding: net proceeds from the TPNA
Home Tour every other year and contributions from individuals. For each two year
cycle (from one Home Tour to the next), approximately 85% of The Foundation’s
funding is due to having very successful TPNA events. Recently, we have seen individual contributions increase as a result of better education about what we do and the tax-favored status we have as a 501(c)(3) organization.


How can you get involved?

We need YOUR volunteer help and financial support for these significant
improvements in Trinity Park. Please look for ListServe appeals and join us!

You can donate to the foundation via PayPal using the following button (make sure to include your address so we can send you a receipt for tax purposes!):

A tax deductible contribution to The Trinity Park Foundation, Inc. can be sent to:

The Trinity Park Foundation
PO Box 725
Durham, NC 27702

If you have other ideas, or are willing to help with any of our endeavors, please contact Shelley Dekker, current President of The Foundation, at

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and our Federal Tax Identification Number is 58-1402073.  Please note that the IRS has extended and expanded the above-the-line charitable deduction for the 2021 tax year so that single filers can deduct $300 of charitable cash donations and married couples filing jointly can deduct $600. These amounts are in addition to the standard deduction.

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