What has The Foundation recently accomplished?

The Park

The Foundation created a History Grove in The Park with landscaping. The gate at the alley was added to provide greater safety for users of The Park, especially children. Landscaping was put in place along the eastern border to deal with runoff and help The Park be a better neighbor to adjoining properties. We will continue to improve the existing beds and the maintenance of the lawns.


The Foundation paid for trimming the trees in the public easement at The Park and within The Park itself. In partnership with the City of Durham, we will continue to plant and care for trees in the public spaces in the neighborhood so the tree canopy ā€“ a beautiful and vital feature of Trinity Park ā€“ will flourish long after we are gone. The Foundation has also supported other neighborhoods working to replenish the tree canopy in other parts of Durham.


2019-2020 saw the installation of three new pieces of public art in our neighborhood. Stonemason Brooks Burleson crafted The Bug Walk in The Trinity Park. Metalsmiths Evie G. Watts and Steve Little sculpted a new sign for The Trinity Park at the corner of Watts Street and Trinity Avenue. Metalsmith Al Frega created a sculpture titled, “Industrial Romantic,” by welding industrial relics from the historic Chesterfield cigarette factory to create a new entrance sign for our neighborhood in the median at North Buchanan Boulevard and West Main Street. Just prior to the installation of these works, the neighborhood sign made by Vega Metals in 2001 was relocated to the Markham Street median, and the Michael Waller sculpture honoring neighborhood pioneer Marie Austin was placed in this median as well.


In Spring 2018 The Foundation had the trees in the Main Street median trimmed and the tall grass removed to create the space for the Al Frega art. Work is also underway to improve the Markham Avenue median. The Foundation works with near neighbors to maintain the three circles in the north end of the neighborhood and partners with the City of Durham to improve the Trinity Avenue median. The Trinity Avenue median between Watts Street and Buchanan Boulevard presents a number of challenges that The Foundation is developing a landscaping plan to address. Maintenance of ALL of these medians requires organizing neighbors to devote time on volunteer work days.

Little Free Library (LFL):

One popular feature in The Park is the Little Free Library (LFL), created with the support of The Foundation. We keep this asset open and in good shape! We are grateful to LFL Champion, Sue Concannon, who checks on stock and condition. Please remember book donations are most welcome as you use the library.

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