What is the Trinity Park Foundation?

The Trinity Park Foundation, Inc. (“The Foundation”) was initially formed in May 1980 to acquire and own the land now known as The Park in Trinity Park, which was then known as the “Tot Lot.” The Foundation is a separate legal entity from the Trinity Park Neighborhood Association (“TPNA”) and has 501(c)(3) status. TPNA is a North Carolina nonprofit corporation but does not have 501(c)(3) status. The Foundation’s goals and purposes are defined in its articles and bylaws.

The Foundation is connected to TPNA in that The Foundation’s Board includes the five elected officers of TPNA’s Board. In addition, there are six additional members who serve on The Foundation Board and are elected according to the bylaws. There are no other members of The Foundation. The Foundation provides reports and information to TPNA at least annually.

The Foundation could continue to exist should TPNA dissolve, but the bylaws would need to be amended to provide for the election of officers and directors.

What is the mission and purpose of The Foundation?

  1. To encourage and promote community pride in the neighborhood by providing a focus for neighborhood activity.
  2. To preserve and enhance the physical character of the neighborhood by encouraging maintenance, revitalization, and beautification of buildings and grounds (including shade trees), and by encouraging the renovation of existing buildings rather than their demolition and replacement
  3. To acquire and maintain such properties or real estate as the Trinity Park Neighborhood Association deems of interest or as contributing to the overall character of the neighborhood.

What does The Foundation do?

In addition to its ownership of The Park, TPNA gave The Foundation greater designated responsibility for neighborhood capital improvements in 2014. With this charge, The Foundation focuses on four areas: The Park, medians, public art in the neighborhood, and trees.

Some background on ownership of The Park

The Foundation leases The Park to the City of Durham, and Parks and Recreation (P&R) assumes certain liabilities and duties for the running of that space, just like any city park. The Foundation is indemnified for the City’s use of The Park, and The Park is governed by all P&R rules. The gazebo can be reserved by anyone in Durham and The Park is open to all residents of Durham. The Foundation has the ability to make improvements and augment maintenance of The Park, in partnership with P&R.

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